Yamanaka Sake no mise

Best quality control


Yamanaka Sake no mise

Controlled saké storage that is the best in Japan


Simply having a cool, dark place to store saké is not sufficient. There are food and beverage establishment that have installed temperature-controlled refrigerators for saké storage, and there are those that have not. Drinking the same saké at different restaurants can yield varying results. The quickest route to encountering great tasting saké is to visit a high quality retail store or restaurant. But what are the criteria here for "high quality?" Four variables exist. Yamanaka saké shops meet these four criteria to an exceedingly high degree.

Yamanaka Sake no mise

Refrigerator contlolled by saké


The absence of optimally controlled refrigeration can, sadly, jeopardize the fine quality of excellent saké. All products at Yamanaka saké shop are kept at below-zero temperatures. We manage saké while keeping brewers' intentions firmly in mind and striving to deliver the product's highest quality unaltered. The saddest event for a brewer is for their saké to have a different taste for the end user than when it was produced. Yamanaka saké shop preserves and enhances the fine condition of saké before providing it to consumers.

Yamanaka Sake no mise

Thousands of items


On any typical day, our shops optimally control the storage temperature of nearly 10,000 specially selected bottles of saké. We are confident that customers will find the perfect variety for their needs. You are welcome to choose for yourself from the options in our optimally refrigerated cases, or you can allow Yamanaka saké shop's saké concierge to assist you in the enjoyable process of making a selection.

Yamanaka Sake no mise

Best lighting for saké


The factors that degrade saké quality and alter its taste are exposure to UV rays, storage in high temperature areas, and exposure to large temperature fluctuations. Even 30 minutes of direct sunlight alters the color of saké, imparts odor to the bottle, ages the product, and has negative repercussions. Furthermore, saké exposed to light develops an abnormal smell called "light odor" and decreases significantly in quality. In this sense, saké is truly like a living organism. Since saké dislikes the UV rays emitted from fluorescent lights, we use incandescent bulbs in our refrigerators. The most comfortable environment for Japanese saké is a cool space with dim lighting.

Yamanaka Sake no mise

Listen to music


We play classical music to the saké bottles in our refrigerators. Yamanaka saké shop's concierges taste products nearly every evening to empirically verify whether classical music actually has a scientifically based effect on rice-malt. Our professionals have noticed a difference in the taste. We hope that everyone considers joining us in tasting the difference.