Yamanaka Sake no mise

How to get the most of Yamanaka saké shop


Visitors are welcome to enjoy the history, flavor, apt cuisine, and many other aspects of saké here at Yamanaka. Please experience Japanese hospitality of the highest level at one of Japan's premier saké specialty shops.

Yamanaka sake no mise
1Reservations and inquiries

Tel: 06-6631-3959 or feel free to submit the reservation form

Those interested in the fee-based taste testing service should make a reservation at least one day in advance.

Yamanaka sake no mise
2Visiting the shop

Please feel free and encouraged to chat with our staff.

Yamanaka sake no mise
3Touring the shop

Please allow us to get to know your needs and preferences before scheduling a tour.

4Taste testing
  • Free tasting
  • Paid tasting
  • Staff will provide up to three different samples of recommended saké.

  • Reservations required: single dishes selected for their compatibility with the three saké samples

Yamanaka sake no mise
Yamanaka sake no mise
Yamanaka sake no mise

If you have a particular variety that you know you would like to buy, and we have that variety in stock, you can make a purchase online.

・720 ml and 1800 ml sizes available.
・Refrigeration required.
・Since this type of saké is volatile, it is poorly suited for being carried long distances.
・If you plan to take saké on the plane, we recommend pasteurized saké that has a more stable profile.
・Saké, and junmai saké in particular (which is without added alcohol or sugar), is made from rice, water, and rice-malt.