Yamanaka Sake no mise

A saké shop with its own saké concierge


Yamanaka Sake no mise

Allow us to suggest the perfect bottle to suit your preferences.


Our specialists enjoy working with customers and putting over 40 years of experience with local saké to good use. Our shop owner has fallen in love with saké and is dedicated to fulfilling the intentions of saké brewers. Furthermore, Yamanaka is an unparalleled retailer that interacts with saké aficionados with the same level of enthusiasm.

Yamanaka Sake no mise

Customer service leveraging knowledge and experience


Staff constantly taste test the saké in order to better research the flavor and best way to serve each bottle. Allow us to make recommendations and display a degree of expertise befitting of the title "saké concierge." Please do not hesitate to ask detailed questions and further augment your saké knowledge.